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Available with a thermal output of up to 1000kW, Topling dryers offer extremely efficient, versatile & cost effective drying solutions for a wide range of agricultural & commercial uses.


Utilising an extremely efficient integrated system which combines simplicity of design with ease of maintenance and robust build quality, Topling Bulk Dry moving floor dryers transport wet/saturated material from a hopper along a moving drying floor fed with a variable flow of temperature controlled air delivering optimally dried material ready for use or storage.

Supplied with easy to use touch screen computerised controls Topling dryers can be simply managed by a single operator and offer the option of providing drying heat from a wide range of sources including biomass boilers, combined heat and power plant and oil and gas burners.



Available with a range of interchangeable drying floors, optional cooling zone and hopper extensions and with a thermal output of up to 1000kW, Topling moving floor dryers are able to process a wide range of saturated materials including wood chip and SRF and provide an ideal solution for those requiring a guaranteed supply of high quality, optimum moisture content, dried chip for use with biomass boilers and combined heat and power plant.


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With extensive experience of working with the agricultural and commercial sectors to deliver effective drying and biomass heating solutions for a wide range of uses including biomass fuel production, arable cropping and SRF drying, our expertise enables us to work with customers to develop bespoke solutions that work for their businesses.

From initial enquiry through to project planning and installation, we are here to help.

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